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We know your science and we are eager to facilitate your writing-based needs. MMC delivers value-added scientific writing services for clients in biomedical, lifesciences, and healthcare sectors with a strong commitment to excellence in communication. We provide a superior attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality and scientific accuracy of every project.

MMC turns your messages and ideas into readable, meaningful, memorable, marketable communication.


Our specialties include:

_ Newsletters and brochures

_ Press releases, material for scientific media

_ Conference proceedings

_ Product and disease monographs

_ Training manuals (for patients and healthcare professionals)

_ Educational material (for patients and professionals)

_ Strategies for encouraging patient-adherence to medical recommendations

_ Techniques for enhancing patient-physician partnering to achieve better clinical outcomes

_ Communication material to achieve greater patient-satisfaction and to improved quality of life

_ Clinical protocols, investigator’s brochures, study reports


You have an item you KNOW should be better, but somehow you can’t figure out how to MAKE it better ?

MMC improves your documents, so that you can communicate your knowledge through peer-reviewed articles, brochures, textbooks or lectures.

For quality reasons each item strictly undergoes a 3-step process:


We just write what customers, colleagues and patients need to have explained!



«Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm !»
-- Ralph Waldo EMERSON


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